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Embedded linux solution with 10GbE based on MacchiatoBin SBC

Oct-3 2022

Flash UEFI Boot on SPI flash

The MacchiatoBin comes with TianoCore EDK2 firmware installed on the SPI flash. If the SPI Flash needs to be reflashed, this guide covers flashing the UEFI boot from U-Boot running on MMC.

Download the pre-build SPI flash binary from SolidRun and put it on an USB stick.

# variables:
# kernel_addr_r=0x5000000
# filesize=2730940=0x29abbc

# start USB stack
usb start

# load uefi-mcbin-spi.bin to ram
load usb 0:1 $kernel_addr_r uefi-mcbin-spi.bin

# initialize spi flash
sf probe

# erase flash
sf erase 0 0x400000

# write loaded file
sf write $kernel_addr_r 0 0x$filesize

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