Vikkio Consulting

I'm Viktor, an experienced product developer from Sweden.

My company Vikkio Consulting can assist in product development in a wide range of fields.

I work remotely based between our two great lakes in Skövde, Sweden.


Experienced full-stack developer and website designer.

Documentation and code review.


Hardware and layout design on various platforms.

Although I've done some soldering in my days, I prefer using professional electronic assembly on all hardware projects.


Hosting and maintaining a couple of specialized websites and other digital services.

Fiberoptic network planning and deployment

Q. Examples

E-mail me regarding your project and I can send you a portfolio of work relavant for you.

Q. Availability

I'm currently on parental leave and not available for full-time projects. Back in november 2020.

Q. Pricing

Drop me an e-mail and I can provide you with a custom quote.