MacchiatoBin Project

Embedded linux solution with 10GbE based on MacchiatoBin SBC

MACCHIATObin Single Shot- Quad-core 1.6 GHz A8040.

CPU: Marvel ARMADA A8040 Arm® Cortex® A72
Memory: 16GB DDR4 RAM
Storage: 8GB eMMC
Network: Gigabit RJ45, dual 10GbE SFP+, single 2.5Gbe SFP+
Format: Mini-ITX (170mm x 170mm)

This single-board computer (SBC) is used for network applications requiring affordable 10GbE. It has very capable routing performance which can be combined with storage and specialized applications.

Storage and Routing performance

I tested using the SBC as a low-power NAS using 1/5/10 GbE ports on my desktop connected to the 1/10GbE ports on the SBC (no 2.5GbE SFP) with various storage (RAMdisk, NVME SSD, SATA SSD, BTRFS raided HDD) and got following rough top performances:

  • Routing with iperf3: GbE--GbE: 565 Mbits/sec ~ 68 Mbytes/sec
  • Routing with iperf3: 5GbE--10GbE: 4.61 Gbits/sec ~ 549 MBytes/sec
  • Routing with iperf3: 10GbE--10GbE: 9.08 Gbits/sec ~ 1051 MBytes/sec
  • Storage with rsync, 1G zero file: GbE--GbE: 67.88MB/s
  • Storage with rsync, 1G zero file: 5GbE--10GbE: 337.28 MB/s
  • Storage with rsync, 1G zero file: 10GbE--10GbE: 345.35 MB/s
  • Storage with bbcp, 1G zero file: 5GbE--10GbE: 400 MB/s
  • Storage with bbcp, 1G zero file: 10GbE--10GbE: 400 MB/s

Routing was as expected, and for a single file transfer storage saturates at 5GbE (probably CPU limitation). Multithreaded bbcp was the fastest transfer solution. Not a very scientific test method but hopefully you get a rough understanding.

Note: I have not changed the MTU in these tests.

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